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Seldom when we get into counseling do we know the real reasons we are going … I am an intelligent person, this was not my first time seeing counselors, but Karen was definitely different, in an amazing way. I felt comfortable and at ease. Her eclectic style of approach was much needed because different problems respond to different approaches. I was totally unaware of the effect my abuse had on me. Karen understood very well the danger I was in emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. If I had been able to afford inpatient treatment for my abuse, she told me, she would send me. Instead she lovingly began a process of healing with me that was to become the foundation for rebuilding my life.”  CJ

I have known Karen for many years. She arrived in my life as I was becoming aware that my old beliefs and concepts were no longer working. She helped me explore new ways of looking at my spirituality. She became my mid-wife, gently clearing the paths that allowed me to birth the woman I was becoming.

Karen gave me her unending love, vast knowledge, education, training, and warmth of spirit. Her coaching gifts supported me in my health journey, challenged by two potentially life-threatening illnesses. She took me through a powerful process of inquiry and gave me tools to understand that my body’s intuitive knowledge could once again be trusted.  

Karen continues to help me give voice to my experiences and collaborates with me to find resolution. She is a spiritual teacher with integrity yet a wonderful sense of humor. Words seem inadequate to tell you all that this amazing woman is to me. The one word that comes close is LOVE! DW

As an 80 year young widow, I started Karen’s Master Mind group focused on transforming my relationship with money and finding a suitable mate. As a result of her great processes, I realized I basically have enough money and everything I need! Any dramatic changes in my finances would be an opportunity to support favorite charities and projects of family and friends. I can be content with what I have.

Regarding my relationship, I found a great gentleman to spend time with. With encouragement from Karen, I went to a SPEED DATING FOR SENIORS event.  I had the support of my friends and Karen in keeping up this contact with phone calls and lunches. We have been dating for six months now and we are going to Cancun in two months! The impact on my life is I feel confident, loved, and happier. I am 80 and never thought I would have this kind of relationship again.

Karen is a caring, well trained coach and offers her knowledge with compassion and commitment. She is a good listener, gives her time unselfishly and relates to her own personal successes and experiences with skill. What I liked most about Karen is her recognition of possibilities for a person’s life and circumstances and the positive way she views problems and encourages clients to transform their view of themselves and  design a new outcome of any problems. I would definitely comfortably recommend her services for family and friends.  LF

As a Master Mind group facilitator, Karen was enthusiastic, committed to our transformation, warm, authentic, passionate, articulate, respectful, had a great sense of humor, and could laugh at herself as well! I felt safe as I was always encouraged to expand. I was surprised and pleased by the variety of resources she offered. Karen used her excellent communication skills to get to the point rapidly with compassion, understanding, vision and support. I enjoyed her spiritual side. She was an excellent role model for integrity and authenticity, continually working on herself too, for her own personal growth. NR

Working with Karen has been an uplifting and delightful experience for me. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is great fun to be with. She shone light on my problems and/or complaints and made them feel very manageable, giving me confidence and direction in taking the steps that led to being able to change.

Through one of her written exercises about money, I was able to clearly see where I have been blocked. I actually felt a shift in how I had been “holding” money, enabling me to view my prior thoughts and beliefs about money in a whole new light. My income has grown, and my resistance to doing the work has subsided. I am no longer trying to push a boulder up a hill.

In another area, I have always felt that “I never get what I want.” Through Karen’s insight and coaching I was able to see what was really operating under the surface of that view I held about myself and my life. It kept me in a “care taking” role with others rather than being “selfish” and taking care of myself. Under it all was simply low self-esteem and fear of taking risks. Karen helped me identify ways to take some risks (small steps) and see myself as worthy. I now feel like a much more emotionally healthy and powerful woman in all aspects of my life. My husband loves the changes, too!

I can’t recommend Karen highly enough! Her wisdom, guidance and great intuitiveness about what is needed will give you gentle nudges in a new direction — laughing and playing all the way! JJ

Participating in a group facilitated by Karen Love Baisinger was a delightful and highly beneficial experience. She was wonderful in offering deep listening and brilliant insights. Karen intuitively knew when direct feedback was needed or when sensitivity was required or when a sense of humor would be most helpful for group members to create change in our lives. Karen’s gifted skills were invaluable in supporting me to make decisions for my life that led to positive changes.

My intention was to shift my relationship with money. Through lively discussion and written exercises, Karen guided me in exploring my deeper feelings and unconscious thoughts about money, and to move forward in new ways rather than remain stuck in my old beliefs and behaviors. The Vision Board I created also stimulated awareness and growth in fun ways. Thanks to Karen’s guidance, my financial income increased by 25% in a short time! AC

I am a sexual abuse surviver in my 50s. I had never been in any type of treatment until I participated in a women’s wellness and weight loss coaching group with Karen. Wow! How things surfaced! Recently my mother was diagnosed  with ovarian cancer and even more feelings and issues surfaced. I was able to receive Karen’s coaching and support in facing emotions and reactions happening to me that I just could not understand. I thought I was losing my mind.

Karen has such a helpful way of asking the right questions to help you think of things in a different light. I do love that she combines clinical experience and information with spiritual insights and wisdom for you. She really does her homework! And expects you to, also!

Now I don’t blame myself and I better understand the traumas I went through as a child. I still have my days, but now, I feel like I have the tools to cope with things. I will continue to work with Karen to reach my goals.  RT

Karen was recommended to me because I was angry about my wife sleeping with my friend and I wanted to die. My friend said Karen had helped him and could help me. I had challenges with intimacy and relationships. She helped me understand that it wasn’t my fault, that the stuff that happened when I was a kid, with my siblings, none of it was my fault.

The results I got from working with Karen were that I became responsible for my behavior and stopped blaming other people. I have more intimacy with my wife. I am getting stronger all the time about who I am. I feel better about myself. I treat people better.

Karen’s approach was kind, compassionate and loving and it worked.She understood where people were coming from. Karen had more insight into childhood issues and saw the big picture about how the past was blocking my present and my future. Other therapists and coaches seemed more clinical, more like out of a book.   

Karen is genuine. I was always excited about going to our group sessions and her Intensive Weekend workshops. I actually wanted to go and work with her! I was always learning more about myself. She changed my life and she could help you. I can’t say enough good about her work, the groups and workshops she runs.

It is hard for me to find the words really to explain how much she helped me. I to this day revisit some of the things she taught me about self and what to do when things get tough. Because of her I have a life today — when I stay out of the way. OJ