About Karen

Dr. Karen BaisingerSo what do I do?

You know how a lot of people, maybe even yourself included, are struggling with their weight, feeling low energy and exhaustion? Have you been feeling overwhelmed, burned out, stopped, or blocked for a while now? Do you seem to be getting sicker and sicker and going nowhere faster? Or are you struggling with unresolved feelings and memories from the past? Are you feeling unusually negative and anxious about your future and the future of the planet? Have you been diagnosed with a chronic health condition? Or maybe from outer appearances, you’re living the life, but inside, you feel a certain emptiness or lack of meaning, joy and purpose?  Or you reached “the top,” and now you are realizing it is not sustainable to keep living like you are?

I resource and empower people who are feeling much like you to rebuild their health and re-invent their lives.

Am I a doctor, you might be asking?

No. I am a Transformative Writing and Wellness Coach. Author. Retreat Leader. Storytelling Speaker. Poet.

I empower clients to find their own way through a process of discovery.  No cookie-cutters, no dogma. What does health, what does inner peace mean to you? I believe that your way is the right way for YOU! Every BODY is different, unique. THE ideal diet or food plan?  It is  whatever your body needs and requires for optimal nutrition and “radiant health beyond danger” as it’s called in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Over 7,000,000,000 of us on the planet — so over 7,000,000,000 ideal diets!

I live and love my own “radical re-invention of self” that I initiated in 2010. I rebooted and upgraded my own life as part of my own search for healing after a complete breakdown when I was re-traumatized after earlier abuses as a clergywoman. Throughout my adult life, I found it necessary to push the “re-start button” time and time again. I knows from experience that troubles and trauma can be turned into transformation, triumph and even transcendence.

I am a retired clergywoman over 35 years’ experience delving deeply into the human story and exploring psycho-technologies and expressive writing for emotional healing and spiritual evolution. I was a pioneer in the second great wave of women seeking ordination in the mainline Christian denominations in the 1970s. I spent half my ministry as a pastor in local churches and half in private practice as a psycho-spiritual therapist specializing in running as many as on-going seven weekly therapy groups, weekend Intensives, and retreats.

I have no doubt that lives can be changed. Over the decades of working with clients seeking to transform their lives, I have seen not just incremental change, not just lives getting somewhat “better.” I have seen dramatic shifts and radical re-inventions of self, what might be called “miracles,” happen when people take responsibility for co-creating their lives.

Every therapy group I ran started with the question: “What do you want to change today?” with the key words being “you” because you are the only one with the power , “change” because we are not simply whining, complaining, or discussing a theoretical possibility here,  AND “today,” like now, not someday, maybe. Today, this moment, our   point of power.

Today, in my transformational writing and wellness coaching practice, I find fulfillment and satisfaction in working with clients with chronic, ‘intractable’ health challenges. As a survivor of repeated traumas myself, I tried everything I could find to heal my body and my life. In my coaching, I use the wisdom and learnings from my own search to regain my health. I work holistically with a multi-disciplinary mind/body/spirit approach to engage clients in deepening their listening and understanding of the ‘message of their dis-eases.’ My clients often find that not only are they experiencing new levels of physical and emotional health, but they are now able to co-create lives filled with new possibilities.

Maybe you are thinking: “I need something like that!” To reboot and upgrade your life, options for working with me include teleconference and in-person coaching groups, online programs, and one-on-one coaching. Click on the email icon at the upper right on my Homepage to get a dialogue with me going. I offer a free 30 minute consultation for those interested in exploring whether or not we are a good fit for coaching. Let’s talk about what you are dealing with and how I might be of service to you. Let’s get started on your new life!